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    Property management, rehabilitations, rentals, ARB&B and more.

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  • Dynamic Participators Enterprise Incorporated, LLC.

    Non-profit 501c3 that curates with our customers to create events and activities that focuses on mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

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  • Just Get Well Sea Moss


    Product: Skin Everything Cream

    I love way my skin feels. I was experiencing leg pain in my knees, I don't take meds any more. Thank you Jesus.


    St. Louis, MO

  • Dynamic AWJ Publishing


    Product: Girlz Run The World in Pearls (Book)

    The women who bare their souls in “Girlz Run the World in Pearls” convey to the reader both their triumph and strength... Inspirational chapters are written by those who have risen above and beyond abuse ... A must read for every woman.

    Meg S.

    Orlando, FL

  • Dynamic Participators Enterprise Incorporated


    Product: Ultimate Vision Board Experience

    I'm glad I came, this moved me mental, physically and spiritually... I'm sure of it!

    Shirley W.

    Orlando, FL

  • Just Get Well Sea Moss


    Product: Detox/ Weight Loss Capsules

    Great quality.. lost about 3 lbs so far.

    Shirraine J.

    Rockledge, FL